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Web Editing

The Web Editing module sets out key web publishing concepts and the skills required to create, upload, and maintain a web site. It also covers important issues such as security and copyright.

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to communicate with a worldwide audience. Websites are crucial for virtual interactions, from selling products or services to sharing ideas or knowledge. Having the skills to set up a website and use web authoring software to maintain and update it are highly valuable in a competitive work environment.

Websites are a common tool of businesses, organisations, and communities. This makes the Web Editing module suitable for a wide range of candidates, including employees, volunteers, students, graduates, and bloggers.

Learning Outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to register a domain, set up a website, and maintain it using web authoring software. ICDL modules focus as much on skill acquisition as on the understanding of concepts. Having successfully completed this module, candidates will feel confident making changes to a website and using basic coding skills. The syllabus is standardised and vendor-independent, so skills are always transferable. They will be avle to:

– understand the different services supported by the Internet;
– recognise the planning and design aspects of creating a website;
– identify the different functions of a web authoring tool and how to use them;
– apply HTML and CSS to a website to enable the formatting of text, images, and other elements; and
– understand how to publish a site and troubleshoot issues.


The syllabus for the Web Editing module, which sets out the specific skills and knowledge that you will learn and against which you will be certified, can be downloaded here.

Sample Tests

Do you want to better understand the Web Editing module and how we test skills and knowledge? 

Try out the Web Editing sample tests here (Dreamweaver/Expression) to get a feel for the coverage of the module, or practice before your certification test.