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The Spreadsheets module covers the main concepts and skills needed to use spreadsheets, such as tasks associated with developing, formatting, modifying, and using a spreadsheet.

Organising and analysing data using a spreadsheet application produces useful insights for all types of organisation. In addition to using standard formulas and functions, this module covers visualisation of data through creating and formatting graphs or charts.

The analysis of numerical data is an important activity in a wide range of job roles. Accountants, project managers, sales executives, engineers – and many more – rely on spreadsheets to carry out crucial calculations.

Learning Outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to use a spreadsheet application to create and work with spreadsheets. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident entering, moving, editing, and deleting data, as well as performing common spreadsheet tasks. They will be able to:

– understand the key concepts of spreadsheets;
– use available help resources and shortcuts to enhance productivity;
– recognise good practice in inserting, editing, and deleting data;
– apply a range of mathematical and logical formulas and functions; and
– know how to communicate information using charts and graphs.


The syllabus for the Spreadsheets module, which sets out the specific skills and knowledge that you will learn and against which you will be certified, can be downloaded here.

Sample Tests

Do you want to better understand the Spreadsheets module and how we test skills and knowledge? 

Try out the Spreadsheets sample tests here to get a feel for the coverage of the module, or practice before your certification test.