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The Presentation module covers the main concepts and skills needed to work with presentation software to create and use presentations.

Presentations are a helpful way of communicating information, whether it is to be delivered by a speaker or used as a reference or guide. Being able to present information so that it can be clearly understood is a valuable skill in the workplace.

This module is suitable for a wide range of candidates in any type of job role that involves communicating with different audiences for different purposes.

Learning Outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to use presentation software to create and edit presentations. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident planning, creating, and outputting a presentation. They will be able to:

– understand the key concepts of using presentation software;
– identify the options available in built-in layouts, designs, and themes;
– recognise good practice in formatting text and tables;
– know how to add charts, pictures, and drawn objects to enhance presentations; and
– prepare a presentation to be used for presenting or printing.


The syllabus for the Presentation module, which sets out the specific skills and knowledge that you will learn and against which you will be certified, can be downloaded here.

Sample Tests

Do you want to better understand the Presentation module and how we test skills and knowledge? 

Try out the Presentation sample tests here to get a feel for the coverage of the module, or practice before your certification test.