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ICDL Professional (MQF 4)

ICDL Professional is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors and develops an advanced level of skills for those with technology reliant roles.

ICDL Professional is the logical progression for candidates who have achieved the ICDL Workforce (formerly known as ECDL Standard certificate) or ICDL Tech and who wish to further enhance their ICT skills and to demonstrate their competence in using a computer at a higher level.

The modules in ICDL Professional give candidates the opportunity to become expert in the use of these applications, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software.

ICDL Professional candidates can demonstrate that they are:

– organised and efficient;
– more productive;
– capable of confidently exploiting the full potential of the applications; and 
– expert at producing attractive, professional-quality outputs.

ICDL Professional consists of 3 compulsory modules and 2 elective modules. The modules in ICDL Professional are:

How does the ICDL Professional programme work?

Each module in the ICDL Professional programme has been designed as a stand-alone certification in each respective area and candidates who successfully complete a module will be certified as advanced users in that application.

Candidates registering to sit for ICDL test/s are assigned an ICDL Candidate Registration Number.

Candidates in possession of an ICDL / ECDL Candidate Registration Number will make use of the same number for the tests forming part of ICDL Professional. 

New ICDL candidates will need to purchase the ICDL Candidate Registration Number (that includes one printed certificate).

New ICDL candidates interested in getting certified in only ONE module of the ICDL Professional programme can purchase the one-module ICDL Registration Number.

ICDL Candidate Registration Numbers are purchased from an ICDL Accredited Test Centre. Only an accredited Test Centre can issue ICDL Candidate Registration Numbers and carry out ICDL testing. Test Centres are approved and monitored by ICDL Malta.

Syllabi & Sample Tests

Click the relevant modules (above) to access the syllabi and sample of tests.

ICDL Professional Certificate

Candidates can request a certificate for one or more successfully completed tests. Each certificate will be issued at a cost.

Candidates who successfully complete all three (3) compulsory modules and any two (2) elective modules will be awarded the ICDL Professional certificate at no cost.


The ICDL Professional certificate is comparable to Level Four (4) of the Malta Qualifications Framework.

ICDL Certificates are issued in digital form on the blockchain. The Candidate receive the certificate by email from ICDL Malta.

It is important that the Candidate provides a personal email address (not a school, work or organisation email address) to the Test Centre when registering.

The digital ICDL certificates are NOT issued immediately. The fee involved in issuing the ICDL certificate is incorporated in the cost of the ICDL Candidate Registration Number.

More information about ICDL certificates is available here.

More Information

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