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ICDL certification & diagnostic tests

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– ICDL tests are undertaken on an automated testing software at ICDL Accedited Test Centres. Candidates will therefore sit for ICDL tests on a computer connected to Internet. The Skillsbox testing software automatically assesses the candidates’ performance, and provides immediate pass/fail feedback to both the Test Centre and the candidates.

– To sit for ICDL tests, the candidates need to be in possession of:

a. an ICDL Candidate Registration Number and
b. certification test credit/s.

More information on how to acquire these from an ICDL Accredited Test Centre is available here.

– Most people believe they have good or very good digital skills, however, research studies across the world indicate that this perception is not reflected in reality. Diagnostic (mock) assessment tests  allow candidates to work through questions on every syllabus item prior to attempting the certification test. Diagnostic assessments highlight areas where training would be beneficial and support a targeted approach to training and certification.

– Candidates are directed to sit the diagnostic (mock) assessment tests before sitting for ICDL certification tests. Diagnostic tests allow the candidates to experience the testing environment and assess their understanding of the particular ICDL module. Candidates are only encouraged to sit for ICDL certification tests if their pass rate in the diagnostic tests is +80%.

– The pass mark for each module is set to be 75%.

– The duration of ICDL tests is 45 or 60 minutes depending on the module.

– No books or other help may be used during the tests.

– The module tests may be taken in any sequence and at any time in any ICDL Accredited Test Centre. Candidates can transfer to other Test Centres to do the tests. There are no fees associated with the transfer of candidates between Test Centres.

– Candidates can sit for ICDL tests at their own pace without time constraints.

– Candidates failing ICDL tests are allowed to retake different test versions of the same module at ANY ICDL Accredited Test Centre. Candidates are encouraged to liaise with the Test Centre to sit for diagnostic (mock) tests before taking tests.

– Candidates who are not satisfied with the assessment process of their ICDL test are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Test Centre. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of these discussions, they are encouraged to send an email/letter to ICDL Malta explaining their concerns.

– ICDL Certificates are issued in digital form on the blockchain. The Candidate receive the certificate by email from ICDL Malta.

It is important that the Candidate provides a personal email address (not a school, work or organisation email address) to the Test Centre when registering to start ICDL.

The digital ICDL certificates are NOT issued immediately. The fee involved in issuing the ICDL certificate is incorporated in the cost of the ICDL Candidate Registration Number. More information about ICDL certificates is available here.

– Candidates registered on the ICDL certification programme can access the diagnostic (mock) and certification tests on the Skillsbox testing platform.