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Frequently Asked Questions

ECDL is the name that was given to the ICDL Certification programme in Europe, however, in 2020 the name was updated to become known as ICDL globally.

ICDL which stands for International Certification of Digital Literacy, is the new name for the ECDL programme.

– The ECDL Standard programme was replaced by 2 similar programme streams: ICDL Workforce and ICDL Tech. Candidates can choose to follow the ICDL Workforce or the ICDL Tech programme. Each of these programmes consist of five (5) compulsory and two (2) optional modules.

– The ECDL Expert / Advanced programme was replaced by the ICDL Professional programme consisting of a total of five (5) modules, three (3) compulsory and two (2) optional.

– The titles of these modules have changed as follows:

The syllabi of the above modules, with the exception of ICDL Financial Spreadsheets, have not changed. There are some minor changes between ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets and ICDL Financial Spreadsheets.

– The ECDL Computer Essentials module and ECDL Online Essentials module are now combined into a single module ICDL Computer and Online Essentials in the ICDL Workforce and ICDL Tech.

– The ECDL Online Collaboration module is being phased out and will NOT be available as part of the ICDL Workforce or ICDL Tech. This module is being replaced by ICDL Teamwork and ICDL Remote Work modules.

These module tests are no longer available as from 1st January 2023:

  • ECDL Computer Essentials
  • ECDL Online Essentials
  • ECDL Online Collaboration

Yes. If you have completed one or more of the following modules you will be allowed to migrate to the new ICDL Workforce or ICDL Tech programme at no cost:

Note that the Computer Essentials and Online Essentials certification tests are no longer available. These modules have been replaced with a single module Computer and Online Essentials.

As from 1st January 2023, the ICDL Professional certificate has replaced the ECDL Expert certificate. You will be required to pass five (5) module tests as indicated here.

If you are confident that you already have appropriate IT skills and are sufficiently experienced in the relevant ICDL module/s, you may not need to follow a course. However, before you decide that you do not require any training, it is strongly recommended that you:

  1. review the syllabi of the ICDL modules,
  2. review the official ICDL courseware and
  3. you work through the ICDL diagnostic (mock) tests.

If you do not obtain 80%+ in the ICDL diagnostic test, then you should consider following a course at one of the ICDL Accredited Test Centres.

Note that when you register at ICDL Accredited Test Centre to start the ICDL certification programme you will be provided with:

  1. the ICDL Registration Number,
  2. official ICDL courseware and
  3. one diagnostic test for each ICDL certification test purchased.

You will be provided with instructions to do the diagnostic test from home. The ICDL certification test is always done at the ICDL Accredited Test Centre.

There shall be no charge for the diagnostic test and the official ICDL courseware. An appropriate fee may however be charged by the Test Centre to recover the costs associated with the provision of printed or electronic versions of the courseware.

Candidates are tested in examination conditions supervised by an ICDL Accredited Tester. Test centres use automated test systems which automatically assess the candidates’ performance on completion of each test. Automated Tests provide immediate feedback to both the centre and the candidate. Candidates must complete one test for each module.

Diagnostic (mock) tests allow a candidate to go through the testing environment in the same setting as the certification test and assess a candidate’s understanding of the particular ICDL module.

We recommend a passing rate of 80%+ for the diagnostic test before a candidate is encouraged to sit for the actual ICDL certification test.

The exact cost for testing (and for training, if needed), is set by the ICDL Accredited Test Centre itself. Please contact the test centre directly for pricing information.

You can re-sit the test at the next available time at your chosen ICDL Accredited Test Centre. 

It is strongly recommended that candidates dedicate time to revise the courseware and take a diagnostic test before re-sitting a test.

Please contact your test centre as additional fees will be required for re-sits.

Yes. Each candidate is given a unique ICDL Registration Number. This number allows a candidate to complete their ICDL certification at any ICDL Accredited Test Centre.

The Skills Cards ceased to be valid as from 1st February 2013.

You will need to register at an ICDL Accredited Test Centre and purchase a new ICDL Candidate Registration Number (CRN). You will use the assigned CRN to restart the ICDL certification programme.

If your ECDL Registration Number has the following format – MTRN####### – you can continue using this.

If your ECDL Registration Number has the following format – MT####### – it is recommended that you contact an ICDL Accredited Test Centre to acquire a new ICDL Candidate Registration Number at no cost.

In the past, candidates were required to pass seven tests within a three-year window. Candidates who have been registered on ICDL as from 1st October 2013 are free to finish the modules in the time they deem fit.

The new ICDL Certification programme offers more flexibility compared to the earlier ECDL programme to help the digital skills needs of students, workers and professionals across Europe at a time when technologies are developing faster than ever before.

More information about the ICDL modules is available.

The new ICDL Certification programme consists of an extensive set of modules at various levels. Some training centres and schools may not offer training in all modules. Training centres and schools are free to decide which modules to include in their training schedule/curriculum.

If you are interested in a specific module which is not offered at a training centre or your school, you can contact another ICDL Accredited Test Centre to follow training in this module.

Candidates are allowed to sit for ICDL tests provided that they have purchased an ICDL Registration Number. If you are interested in getting certified in ONE module rather than multiple modules you can purchase the one-module ICDL Registration Number at a discounted rate.

You should contact the ICDL Accredited Test Centre where you did your last test to order a replacement certificate. You will incur a fee to order this.

Note that the certificate will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ICDL Malta will issue the certificate and pass this on to the Test Centre.

If the Test Centre where you have done your last test is no longer offering ICDL, please contact ICDL Malta.

ICDL Malta, in collaboration with the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation, issues ICDL Certificates in digital form on the blockchain.

The Candidate receives the certificate by email from ICDL Malta. It is important that the Candidate provides a personal email address (not a school, work or organisation email address) to the Test Centre when registering to start ICDL.

The digital ICDL certificates are NOT issued immediately. The fee involved in issuing the ICDL certificate is incorporated in the cost of the ICDL Candidate Registration Number. More information about ICDL certificates is available here.