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Computer & Online Essentials

The Computer & Online Essentials module covers the main concepts and skills needed for using computers and devices, file and application management, networks, online information, online communication, and safety.

Technology is a key element of every modern job. Working with computers and devices, as well as using online tools and applications effectively are requirements for everyone.

This module is suitable for those who use computers to carry out specific tasks but also as a foundation for developing further competences in the effective use of technology in the workplace. While most people are aware of some common tasks on computers or online, they may also benefit from important additional skills or knowledge relating to managing device settings, browsing, or communication.

Learning Outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to use a computer and operate effectively online. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident using computers in the workplace, understanding the key concepts around computers, communication and security and safety online. They will be able to:

– understand key concepts and carry out key activities relating to hardware and software;
– manage files and folders, store data, and manage applications;
– understand network concepts, and connect to a network;
– find and manage online information effectively, and manage browser settings;
– understand considerations relating to the effective use of common communication tools;
– send, receive, and manage emails, and use calendars; and
– understand potential threats and ways to protect computers, devices, and data.


The syllabus for the Computer and Online Essentials module, which sets out the specific skills and knowledge that you will learn and against which you will be certified, can be downloaded here.