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ICDL Certificates on the Blockcert

As from 1st December 2023, ICDL Malta in collaboration with the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation, started issuing ICDL Certificates in digital form on the blockchain.

Candidates will receive the digital ICDL Certificate by email when they successfully complete all modules of the relevant ICDL Programme. The digital ICDL Certificate will be added to a Blockerts Wallet App on their smartphone. The Blockcerts Wallet App is designed to receive, store, and share your ICDL Certificate.

There are several benefits associated with having ICDL certificates on the Blockcert system:

  • The digital ICDL certificate will remain with Candidates for life and they can use this when applying for a new opportunity, whether that is at a school or with an employer.

  • The authenticity of the digital ICDL Certificate can be verified on the ICDL Malta Certificate Verifier or the Blockcerts Universal Verifier. Candidates can send their digital certificate (JSON format) to prospective employers etc for verification. Having the certificates on the Blockcert system protects the ICDL brand.

  • The Candidates will have their ICDL certificate/s included on the Blockcert Wallets App alongside other certificates issued by local institutions on the Blockcert system.

  • The printing and distribution of paper certificates does not contribute to environmental responsibility. The issuing of digital certificates supports the commitment of ICDL Malta to its sustainability goals.

The fee involved in issuing the digital ICDL certificate is incorporated in the cost of the ICDL Candidate Registration Number. Candidates are reminded to provide a personal email address (not a school, work or organisation email address) to the Test Centre when registering to start ICDL. More information about ICDL certificates is available here.

ICDL Malta operates the ICDL (formerly referred to as ECDL) certification programme on behalf of the ICDL Foundation which is the certifying authority of the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification programme. ICDL Malta may be contacted here.

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