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ICDL launched in Europe

ICDL digital skills certification programme launched to equip workers with skills for today and tomorrow

ECDL Foundation has launched a refreshed digital skills certification and brand identity that will help meet the digital skills needs of students, workers and professionals across Europe at a time when technologies are developing faster than ever before. ICDL, the new name for the programme was launched at an event in Brussels on May 10.

ICDL is a leading global digital skills certification that empowers people to get the most from technology in their professional and private lives. More than 70 million ICDL certification tests have been taken by over 16 million candidates. ICDL is available in over 100 countries through a network of 20,000 test centres.

ICDL, previously known as ECDL in Europe, was first created as a joint-project between several computer societies in Europe, with funding from the European Union, in 1997. Since then, the programme has grown to every European country, as well as countries across 6 continents.

ICDL Foundation CEO, Damien O’Sullivan, said, “We have seen great success with ECDL, but with a fresh brand identity and new programme content, we are ready to face our next 20 years.”

“The skills that everyday computer users need are changing fast. Technology is becoming a bigger part of all jobs, and the types of things that employers expect their workers to be able to do are changing too. We’re launching new modules, like Data Analytics and Digital Marketing, as well as a new programme structure to make sure ICDL certifies the skills that will help people work more effectively and efficiently.”

The ICDL programme launched by the ECDL Foundation will not impact the past and present candidates following the ECDL certification programme.

ECDL Malta operates the ECDL certification programme on behalf of ECDL Foundation which is the certifying authority of the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification programme. ECDL Malta may be contacted here.

ICDL Launch