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ECDL Information Literacy

A new intermediate module on Information Literacy was launched by ECDL Malta. The module aims to give candidates the skills to find, critically evaluate, and work with information online.

Information Literacy covers the essential skills for working with online information, including how to source information, critically evaluate the worth and reliability of the information, and then present the information or reuse it. It is particularly relevant in the context of concerns around fake news and potentially harmful information online.

Targeted at a range of candidates, the module has been developed to ECDL Foundation’s very high quality standards, with input from international experts. Information Literacy has already been successfully run in Asia, and provides a trusted guarantee of a candidate’s skills in working with online information.

Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ECDL Foundation, said, “Young people need to have the skills to find information, assess it, and work with it. Whether they are working on a school project, preparing for further study, or entering the workforce, working with online information is a core competence in many areas of life these days. Our new Information Literacy module is a guarantee of those skills and competences.”

Information Literacy is one of the latest ECDL Intermediate modules launched by ECDL Foundation. The ECDL programme is used in training for workforces in the public and private sectors around the world, and is integrated into a number of education systems.

In the coming weeks ECDL accredited Test Centres will be offering training and testing in this module. Candidates undertaking this module will be provided with official courseware developed by the ECDL Foundation.

More information about the Information Literacy module including the syllabus is available here.

ECDL Malta operates the ECDL certification programme on behalf of ECDL Foundation which is the certifying authority of the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification programme. ECDL Malta may be contacted here.

Information Literacy