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ECDL Digital Marketing

ECDL Malta has launched a new module, certifying essential digital marketing skills during an event attended by representatives of ECDL accredited Test Centres. The Digital Marketing module is aimed at a range of candidates, including entrepreneurs, workers in small businesses, students, and marketing and communications professionals working in the public and private sector.

The module covers core digital marketing topics, including, maintaining a presence online, using social media to promote a business, and using online advertising and marketing services. It has been developed to meet the strong demand for new types of digital skills, driven in part by the rise of e-commerce and consumers’ rapid adoption of the web and social media as places to shop and spend money, as well as to socialise.

Like all ECDL modules, the Digital Marketing module has been developed to rigorously high standards, with the input of experts, computer users, and practising digital marketing professionals from around the world. It certifies candidates’ skills to an internationally recognised standard that is both relevant and comprehensive.

In the coming weeks ECDL accredited Test Centres will be offering training and testing in this module. Candidates undertaking this module will be provided with official courseware developed by the ECDL Foundation. More information about the Digital Marketing module including the syllabus is here.

Digital Marketing is the newest of ECDL Foundation’s Intermediate level modules. It has been developed to the same high standards as all other ECDL modules. The ECDL programme is used in training for workforces in the public and private sectors around the world, and is integrated into a number of education systems. The Digital Marketing module forms part of ECDL Foundation’s pledge to the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, which aims to raise levels of digital skills to boost employment in Europe and close skills gaps.

ECDL Malta operates the ECDL certification programme on behalf of the ECDL Foundation which is the certifying authority of the world’s leading end-user computer skills certification programme. ECDL Malta may be contacted here.

Digital Marketing